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Thursday Morning Gatherings

Meets on the 1st & 3rd Thursday Mornings of the month @ 9:30a

(Thursday Morning is for Preschool/Elementary Moms)

Currently on a Waitlist for Registration, see details below.


Wednesday & Thursday Evening Gatherings

Beginning on September 21st – Thursday evening is for Preschool/Elementary Moms – This group will meet on the 3rd Thursday night of each month from 6:00-8:30pm.

Beginning on September 27th – Wednesday evening is for Middle/High School Moms – This group will meet one Wednesday night per month during Relevant Student Ministry.


Being a mom can seem overwhelming, it’s both messy and lovely all at the same time in a very real way. As moms, we all need a community that can walk with us on this journey. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of MomLife at Grace this fall.

Our hope is to provide a safe place to support, encourage and equip moms in all areas of their lives. MomLife will provide opportunities for moms of all ages and stages to connect with God and each other in community.



1.) MomLife Gatherings // Offered the first and third Thursday mornings each month starting in August from 9:30am – Noon.

Our childcare for morning gatherings is currently FULL. 

If you don’t need childcare, would like to be placed on a waitlist for childcare, or would like more information about participating in MomLife Mornings, please email us at


*These gatherings are specifically geared toward preschool & elementary moms.

2.) MomLife Evening Groups // Offered once a month beginning in September in the evenings based on stages of parenting.

* There will be a group for preschool & elementary moms on the 3rd Thursday night of each month. There will also be a group for middle & high school moms that will take place once a month on Wednesday nights during Relevant Student Ministry.

Want to be on the MomLife Team?

We are looking for Table Leaders, Mentor Moms, and Paid Childcare Workers for our Thursday Morning Gatherings & Group Leaders & Mentor Moms for our Evening Groups.

Table Leader/Group Leader:
  • Facilitate small group discussion with hope, grace, gentleness and respect.
  • Establish, grow and maintain relationships between the moms in your group. Lead safe conversations where every woman is allowed to participate. Lead the conversation from small talk to spiritual talk with sensitivity. Pray for each mom in your group.
  • Be committed to each mom, staying in contact with her. Plan activities outside of regular meetings to help promote fun, fellowship and unity with your group.
  • Focus on creating an atmosphere where the love of Jesus is shared — through building relationships, meeting needs and face-to-face conversations.
  • Recognize that moms in your group will have various backgrounds and encourage both the Christ-follower and non-believer to take a next step on their faith journey.
  • Celebrate the big and small moments in the lives of each mom (birthdays, accomplishments, etc).
Paid CHildcare WOrker (Thurs Mornings)
  • Reliable and Responsible worker who loves working with children
  • Must attend our Mandatory Childcare Worker Training
  • Must complete a Background Check
  • Must be available for the majority of our MomLife Thursday morning meetings starting in August
  • Looking for workers that are comfortable leading a Bible story, craft or game with the children
Mentor Mom:

A Mentor Mom is someone who walks a few steps ahead and brings perspective on mothering,
womanhood and relationships. No perfection or “having it all figured out” necessary

(There is no specific age requirement for Mentor Moms, we encourage Moms of Middle Schoolers and Beyond to apply for the role of mentoring moms that are coming along behind you.)

  • Support mothers of younger children, not because you have all the answers, but because you know importance of community & Jesus’ call in Titus 2:3-5.
  • Pray for each Mom and Leader in the group. Communicate with vulnerability and honesty, aswell as provide a foundation for acceptance and trust.
  • Be present – never underestimate the power of presence. A Mentor has the unique honor of investing in the lives of moms and Leaders simply by being available.
  • Provide support & insight to the Leadership Team to ensure the focus is on creating an
    atmosphere where the love of Jesus is shared — through building relationships, meeting needs and conversations with moms in the group.
  • Be involved in small group discussion. Listening for ways to support and pray, allowing open conversation and creating personal relationships with women in the group.
  • Help and support the Group Leader, the MomLife Steering Team and the Moms in your group (assisting in get-togethers outside of MomLife meetings and with creative ideas to help moms feel celebrated as well as working with Help Team to meet the needs of moms in our ministry)

Questions? Email

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