Global Missions

Multiple times through out scripture, we are commanded to “go.” Over and over, we are “sent” on mission, to proclaim the Good News – The Gospel – to every people group on the planet. How do we do that? Is it even possible?

Sending Grace is our Global Missions initiative. Because we believe that this “Great Commission” is one that cannot fail, Grace is working to provide opportunities for you to engage with people both near to Clarksville, and far away. Explore the information on the following page, and pray that God would show you how you can partner with Him in the work that He is already doing. Maybe you will go, maybe you will give, and maybe you will make it possible for someone else to go. Regardless, now is your time.


There is a clear call in scripture to serve the poor and care for the orphan and that will be our goal as we step into this experience. At Grace we have many connections to several African countries but we are heading to Ethiopia to work with local churches and an organization called Ordinary Hero to join in the work there. Our hope is to share the message of Jesus with as many as possible and also bring hope to the hurting. We have limited space for this team so please contact Kenny Poindexter, our team leader, ASAP if you want more info!
Dates: July 7th – 18th.
Cost: $3,500
Team Leader: Kenny Poindexter  (


This ministry founded by 12 year old Mallory Fundora, who attends Grace Community, has a motto of “Be the Change You Want to See in the World”. Mallory has done just that as she has worked to provide food, medicine and education for children in Uganda as well as employment opportunities and mentoring for the adults. Working with organizations on the ground in Uganda, Project Yesu is forming partnerships and creating opportunities for permanent change. She has traveled to Uganda & continues to raise support to help the people of Uganda. Mallory plans to return to Uganda annually to strengthen her relationships, see the effects of her work, meet with existing partnerships and work to establish new partnerships. You can partner with Project Yesu to sponsor a child during their “30 in 30” campaign.

Visit, you can also find Project Yesu on Facebook


Summer of 2015, we sent a team of 10 from Grace to  join with our partner church in Arraijan, Panama, to host a sports camp. Using volleyball, baseball, basketball, soccer, and swimming, our team worked to build friendships with 67 teenagers from across Panama.  Each morning & evening, our team lead worship & teaching times. During those times, they had one on one conversations, shared the Gospel, prayed with kids, worshipped, and saw 30 kids give their life to Christ.

We have a long term partnership in Panama with Toby Jimenez, the local pastor there in Arraijan, west of Panama City. Toby is focusing on ministry to families in an area that struggles with poverty and a lack of strong families. If you would like to be a part of our expanding partnership, especially in the northern and southern mountains of Panama, email for more information.

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