Pastoral Care - Grace Community Church

We Care

Life is full. We all have times where we need specific, targeted care. More than Sunday mornings, we want to help offer spiritual guidance and practical help when you need it. Below are some ways that we provide ways to connect you to care, resources, and partnerships in our city to help you.


Getting Married?

If you would like a pastor at Grace to be involved in your wedding plans, go to our wedding page.

Need Support?

We want to offer hope, support, and spiritual guidance during life’s struggles. If you need assistance regarding finances, marriage issues, funerals, counseling or addiction, please fill out our Pastoral Care Form.

Need Prayer?

It is our privilege to join you in prayer when you have specific needs. We have a group of committed prayer partners who join our staff in praying for Grace. You can submit your request online, but your full name and email address is required. You may choose whether you wish for your request to be submitted to the prayer team or our staff only.

In order to guard others’ privacy, we ask that you limit details and names to only what is necessary. Anonymous requests may be submitted each Sunday using the information cards handed out at the door.

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