Small Groups

Group Registration is now open

Life is better in community. God created us to be with people, in deep meaningful relationships, and to invest in biblical community. As a church we seek to help our people connect and grow through biblical community/small groups. Making time for anything these days is difficult, which is why we have made it as easy as possible to find a group that fits your schedule. We offer two types of small groups throughout the year: ongoing groups and short term groups. Ongoing groups are small groups with no end date where members get to know each other in deep and meaningful community. Short term groups are small groups that meet for 6-9 weeks and are great for meeting new people and beginning relationships with others in our church.

We also want to make sure that our people are connected in community that will compliment stage of life, and relational comfort, which is why we offer several options for groups. At Grace we offer the following types of small groups:

Married Couples Groups


WoMen’s Groups


Young Adult Groups




(married and single members)

Make sure to prioritize the importance of biblical community by signing up for a small group at Grace today.

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