The Next Ten - Building Project - Grace Community Church

Where are we going?

God has allowed us to serve our city for ten years. We are so grateful for how God has transformed lives through the ministry of Grace. We are also excited about what God has ahead for our church family over the next ten years. God is calling us to bravely reimagine what is possible in the future. We know it’s more than innovative strategy that He is calling us toward. God is calling our church to become known as a people who embrace Biblical truth in our everyday life, pursue spiritual formation, and push forward cultural renewal in our city and world.

How do we get there?

We believe God is calling us to boldly step toward building our first permanent facility here in Clarksville. This is more than bricks and mortar that we call home. This will be a refuge of healing and hope for the people of Montgomery County. This is our next step to usher in greater impact in our city. It’s not the end goal but rather the launching point of the next ten years of this group of people called Grace Community Church.

Week 9 Facility Update:

What can we do together to move forward?

The path forward is found in joyful and sacrificial teamwork by everyone who calls Grace Community Church their spiritual family. On September 14th 2015, we began construction in our new facility because of the sacrifice of many people who are a part of Grace. In October 2015, we invited you to participate in our Next Ten Initiative. This special time of giving will help us raise the additional funds needed to help complete our building project. We believe that when we sacrifice by faith together God can do amazing things!

We believe that when we sacrifice by faith together, God can do amazing things. We are asking you to take three intentional steps. First, to pray about how you can invest in the next ten years of Grace. Second, to plan for how you can help us move forward as a church – through prayer and through a financial gift. Lastly, to sacrifice. We are asking you to give generously and sacrificially to our future, so that Grace can step forward with courage and financial health as we follow God’s plan for our church.

Building Campaign - The Next 10 - Grace Community Church

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need this facility?
We have rented space in local schools for 10 years. While our relationship with the schools has been wonderful, we have found there are limits to the ministry we can accomplish without having our own facility. We want to establish roots in our community and also expand our ability to serve our city. This facility is a tool to enable us to lead more people to become growing followers of Jesus.
How much will the project cost?
The total cost of this project is 7.5 million.
How much money have we raised?
Over the past few years, we have paid off our land and also raised over 2 million dollars to be used in construction of this facility. In addition to those funds, our church has pledged over 1 million more dollars to be given this year through our Next Ten offering. We are also selling our existing office space and using those funds to offset the cost.
When will the facility be completed?
We are working toward entering our new facility in September 2016.
Where is the property?
Our property is easily accessed from exit 8 or exit 4. Our new facility is in the 1800 block of  Dunlop Lane beside the Hickory Wild Subdivision. You are welcome to drive by and check out the progress!
Why this location?
Several years ago, we purchased 58 acres in East Clarksville 2.5 miles from Rossview High School. We chose to build on this property because this is the direction of growth for the city and it also allows us to have access from exit 4 and exit 8 off of I-24.
What is the size of the facility?
Our new facility will have 44,000 square feet of ministry space. It has a seating capacity of 850 as well as ministry space for preschool, children, and teenagers. We will also have our administrative offices on site.
How can I support make this dream a reality?
You can jump in on our Next Ten offering this year online right here! You can also join us in praying for God’s favor as we take steps of faith.
Who is building the new facility?
We are so thankful for the team God has put together for this project. Our lead architect is Daniel Binkley of Rufus Johnson and Associates here in Clarksville and our contractor is Bell Construction out of Nashville. We have also worked hard to include as many local subcontractors as possible to keep work in our community.
Who made this decision?
The decision to move forward on this project was made by our Elders and Finance Team. These two teams are made up of faithful and wise members of our church family, our lead pastor, and several of our staff. Every aspect of this project have been covered in prayer.

The Facility

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