This week we kick off our Grace in the Word study through the book of Galatians. Galatians is a powerful letter Paul wrote to the church in Galatia. This letter is a defense of the true meaning of the gospel to the people of Galatia who have been led to believe a different gospel. The people of Galatia are being led to believe in a gospel of works instead of the true gospel of grace that Paul is adamantly defending in this letter. This week we read Paul’s introduction to his letter and the beginning of his passionate argument of the one true gospel of grace.

As you begin this 6 week study make sure to do a few things to get the most out of this study:

  1. Set aside a specific time each day to do this study. You can do each days reading in about 5-10 minutes, but make sure to give yourself time to reflect on the passage, study its meaning, and even seek other translations and commentaries to get the full magnitude of it each day.
  2. Make sure this doesn’t become a chore. Remember this is meant to be an opportunity to not only learn in greater understanding a book of the Bible, but to rest in its meaning for your spiritual walk with Jesus today. The most important thing you can do with this study each day is to delight in it, rest in it, and grow closer to Jesus through it.
  3. Finally, discuss it with others. Take time out of your week to do this study with a friend, family member, or small group. We have several ways to join a community online or in person in order to take part in this study.

Enjoy week 1 of Grace in the Word- Galatians!

Here are a few resources that you might find useful as you start this journey.
Blue Letter Bible website – a great place to easily search for original Hebrew/Greek meaning of words
If you prefer listening to the scripture each day, download the YouVersion Bible App or the ESV Bible App

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