Welcome to Week 3 of Grace in the Word- Galatians.

It’s week 3 of our Grace in the Word- Galatians study. Before diving into this new week though check out this recap from week two.

In week 3 of Galatians we begin chapter three. Chapter three is where Paul’s letter really begins to shift away from the previous two chapters’ focus on Paul’s past, and experience with coming against the false gospel being taught/influenced on others. Chapter three is where Paul really begins to dive into the argument against the false gospel of living for the law. Paul treats his argument in many ways like a lawyer arguing passionately a case in court. Paul uses many pieces of evidence or examples from the Old Testament. We see though his greatest argument is that the Holy Spirit resting on those with faith proves that the law is not our means of salvation.

Take time to study chapter three this week. Look through Paul’s examples. Study the histories Paul refers to with Abraham. Most importantly, spend time seeking the Holy Spirit to help you begin to rest in the truth that you are saved by your faith, not by your works. Praise Him for that truth.

Here are a few resources that you might find useful as you start this journey.
Blue Letter Bible website – a great place to easily search for original Hebrew/Greek meaning of words
If you prefer listening to the scripture each day, download the YouVersion Bible App or the ESV Bible App

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