Welcome to Week 5 of Grace in the Word- Galatians.

It’s week five of our Grace in the Word- Galatians study. Before diving into this new week though check out this recap from week four.

What is it to be free? Few people in our world and time should be able to define this like us in our modern western culture. We live in a country built on the principle of freedom, but ironically we lack an understanding of what true freedom looks like in our faith, because just like the Galatians we fall short of truly living and embracing the freedom Christ offers us. This week we see Paul explaining and fighting for the Galatians to return to freedom and away from slavery of being ruled by the law.

This week as you study Galatians 5 ask yourself: what does spiritual freedom in Jesus look like for me?

Here are a few resources that you might find useful as you start this journey.
Blue Letter Bible website – a great place to easily search for original Hebrew/Greek meaning of words
If you prefer listening to the scripture each day, download the YouVersion Bible App or the ESV Bible App

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