Luke 23:34 – And Jesus said,
“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” 

Jesus shows us that, behind his life, work, and death, lies a heart that forgives. Today, reflect on how God forgives you of all of your sins. And his forgiveness is so lavish that he even forgives us for the things we do that are wrong that we aren’t even aware of. He offers us complete forgiveness.

REFLECTION: Take time to look back at your own story and God’s forgiveness along your journey. How does God’s forgiveness impact your own ability to forgive others? Remind yourself of what God has forgiven you of, and tell someone about it this week.

PRAYER: Father, remind me daily of your extravagant offer of forgiveness. Help me to not be slow to bring my faults, mistakes, and sins to you, and to bring them with a confidence that you will always forgive me. On this day, may I be a living example of a changed life because of your forgiveness. Amen.

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