John 19:30 – When Jesus had received the sour wine, he said, “It is finished.”

When Jesus said these words, he made a declaration that everything was now over. What does “everything” mean? It means that we no longer owe God anything. His life, work, and death paid the cost that each of us owes to God the Father. Now, the books are closed. And there is nothing else that we need to add to them. Today, reflect on the sufficiency of Jesus’ work. We are saved by his grace alone. We cannot add to or take away from any of it. And this should be the greatest of assurances for our anxious souls.

REFLECTION: Do you live as if the work is finished? Do you find yourself feeling the need to add to his finished work on the cross?

PRAYER: Lord, I come before you, humbled at the work you did on the cross for me. May I remember that it is finished and that nothing I can do will add or take away from your finished work. Help me to rest in You and allow that assurance to fuel my heart toward a life that brings you glory. Amen.

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