We often know that the Bible is an important book and that it is important for us to read it.

Yet when we open the pages and try to read…

We don’t know where to start.

We don’t understand what we read or we see things that seem to contradict other parts of scripture. 

We feel like we don’t have time to commit to it.

So oftentimes we just close our actual Bible and choose to do a devotional or bible study instead because that seems more manageable. That’s ok, there are many GREAT Bible studies/devotionals out there that are very helpful and insightful.

But with the help of the Holy Spirit, prayer and some commitment and effort on our part, we can interpret scripture and ask God to answer the questions that it brings. If we are Christ-followers, then we have a personal relationship that will empower us to read scripture in a very personal way!

So let’s tackle some of these reasons that we close our Bibles…

  • We don’t know where to start.

Just start… the plan we are doing this year is Chronological so it is in the order that it actually happened. There are many different ways to start, but for this year we are choosing to do it this way. So if you choose to go on this journey with Women in the Word in 2021, we’ve given you a plan, so now you know where to start!

  • We don’t understand what we read or we see things that seem to contradict other parts of scripture…

Ask God for help, commit to learn, and be willing to NOT know all the answers… this is where we have to open our hearts and minds. Ask God to help us discern what He is saying. Commit to seeking out answers when we don’t understand but do so with the understanding that there are some things in Scripture that we will NOT understand until we meet Him one day.

When approaching scripture, it is important to really understand context. Things like:

What literary style is this book of the Bible? Who wrote these words that I am reading? When were these words written? Who were they written to and why…

All of these things can usually help as you then read the words through that lens rather than strictly a “How does this apply to me?” lens. Maybe a better question to ask is “What does this show me about the character of God and His faithfulness?” or “Where does this fit in God’s grand story of redemption?”

Each month here on this page, we will have a Monthly Resource post. This post will contain links to podcasts, articles etc to help you dig deeper into what you are reading. You may or may not agree with all these resources and that’s ok. It is always wise to hold any teacher, pastor or author’s words up to Scripture itself and to your personal study/interpretation of God’s word.

There is also a list of resources at the bottom of this post that might be helpful as you run into tough spots in Scripture.

  • We feel like we don’t have time to commit reading our Bibles…

We always have time for what we make a priority… if you have 30 minutes a day then you have time. This article is a great visual of what it will look like to read through your Bible this year! It might mean you have to sacrifice some time in other places like sleep, social media, TV, etc… but if you make it a priority you will find the time.

If you choose to join us for Women in the Word this year, stay tuned to this page for updated posts as well as our online communities on Facebook and Instagram. We are excited to read through God’s Word together in 2021!

Questions? Contact ccrosby@graceclarksville.com


Here’s some resources that are helpful when beginning to read your Bible from cover to cover:

Online Bible Study Tools – Bible Study Tools Library with Commentaries and Dictionaries

Article – Reading the Bible with your Head and Your Heart

Book – 30 Days to Understanding Your Bible – by Max Anders

Short Video – What is the Bible? (How it is arranged & put together) – https://youtu.be/ak06MSETeo4

Short Video – The Biblical Story (Seeing the Bible as One Big Redemption Story) – https://youtu.be/7_CGP-12AE0

Short Video – Literary Styles of the Bible – https://youtu.be/oUXJ8Owes8E

Short Video – How to Read the Bible – https://youtu.be/VhmlJBUIoLk




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