1.) Choose how you will READ 

  • On your phone, go to the app store & DOWNLOAD The YouVersion APP, search THE BIBLE RECAP READING PLAN
  • On your computer, go to THE BIBLE RECAP PLAN at Bible.com
  • In your Bible, go HERE to print a copy of the reading schedule

2.) Choose how you want to LISTEN to the Daily Bible Recap podcast by phone or computer:

  • We will be following our daily reading by listening to an 8-10 minute Bible Recap podcast, this is NOT necessary, but it is a very helpful tool to see how your daily reading fits into the whole big picture of scripture.
  • There are multiple options for Podcast apps, choose one & subscribe to The Bible Recap by Tara Leigh Cobble. (Options like Apple podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Podbean, Google, Castro etc…)
  • If you prefer, you can subscribe to The Bible Recap YouTube Channel and listen via your computer or on a streaming TV

3.) Join our online communities:

4.) Have FUN and enjoy the journey!

  • This is a commitment, give yourself grace along the way, you will get behind, you will miss a day or 20… don’t get discouraged. Just jump back in where we are or where you left off, whatever works for you, there are no rules… just open up your Bible each day and start reading. With the Bible reading and listening to the daily 8-10 minute podcast it should take around 30 minutes a day. Get creative… if you are an auditory learner, let the app read the scripture to you, while you get ready and listen to the podcast on your way to work. Do it while you are waiting in car circle, use your lunch break at your desk, while on your morning run, the possibilities are endless.
  • Read with an open mind, don’t be discouraged when there are days that you just don’t get what you read or it leaves you with more questions than answers or you just aren’t feeling it that day. He will honor the time you give HIM I promise. Try to shift your perspective from reading through the lens of what you can apply to your life and begin to read through the lens of looking for God in the passage and begin to put the words you are reading into context of who wrote the words, who they were originally written to and why. The application to your life will still come, but maybe differently than you have read scripture before. Take a long view rather than a short view.
  • Listen with an open mind, the podcast we are using is hosted by a lady named Tara Leigh Cobble, she is an author, speaker and has spent lots of time in Israel. Tara-Leigh does a good job at presenting the material in a non bias way and she shares different viewpoints or thoughts from different perspectives/denominations. Use it as a tool to help you understand context, historical reference, how it fits in the overall story of Scripture etc… but let the Scripture speak for itself. It’s always wise for you to check anything a human teacher says against your own time with the Holy Spirit in His Word.
  • Share this journey with someone in your real life. Get a few friends, coworkers, neighbors and create a group, this works better when you have a group to hold each other accountable.Set up monthly times to get together with your friends and discuss what you have read that month. The Bible Recap store has some great study guides you can purchase to use as you discuss with friends.

So excited to be on this journey with you! Let’s do this!!

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