High School Camp - Relevant Students - Grace Community Church

High School Camp is

June 17-21st

High School Camp

High School Camp is a 5 day camp where students have the opportunity to worship their Creator, grow with their small groups, and identify the next steps in their relationship with Jesus. During this 5 day camp students will be able to gather together to worship and grow from God’s Word, apply and develop their relationships with their small groups, all for the purpose of discovering Real Life, and pursuing next steps in their relationship with Jesus.

Registration is currently open for all High School students for HSC18. Spots are limited though, so make sure to register as soon as possible. One change we have made this year to make registering and paying easier is both are done at the same time. When you register for HSC18 you must pay before officially being registered.
Registration is a short process taking no more than 5 minutes, and payment is just as quick and easy. Remember HSC18 is $250. Make sure to email Relevant Students below if you are signing/paying for more than one student, because there is a discount. Refunds will not be available after June 1st.

When: June 17-21st, 2018
Where: Brandon Springs Camp, Dover, TN. 37058
Cost: $250

Serve at High School Camp

One of the things that makes High School Camp so special is the intentional time we make for students to connect together with leaders and mentors. Our leadership staff is part of the special piece to our camps and retreats that make them so memorable and special. We look for the best, most intentional, and most mature leaders for our camps. If you’re interested in possibly being able to serve at High School Camp make sure to apply today.

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