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the unexpectedly good news of Ecclesiastes

Turn. Turn. Turn. It often feels like life is spinning at a dizzying rate. All things ever seem to do is change. And just as soon as we get our footing, the ground shifts under us again. How can we keep our balance in such a disorienting world?

Through this 8-session Bible study, Hannah Anderson invites us to consider the wisdom of Ecclesiastes afresh as we search for a solid foundation for life under the sun. Together, we’ll learn to name our anxieties, concerns, and disappointments.

We’ll discover how Ecclesiastes is more than self-help or good advice—how it frees us to ask the questions that Jesus Himself will eventually answer. And through its raw honesty and unflinching commitment to goodness, we’ll find hope in the One who guides all days under the sun.

There are 3 options for Summer Bible Study groups:

  • Monday Evenings – 6:30pm
  • Tuesday Mornings – 9:30am
  • Friday Mornings – 9:30am

If you have questions about how to join us for this Bible Study, email

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