Welcome to Grace in the Word- 2 Timothy, week number one!

This week, you begin a journey with our entire church community. Together, our church will be opening God’s Word to read from the same passages, verses, and the same book of the bible together. This week begins a five-week journey where you are invited to study God’s word at the same time as a community of believers, just like the early churches did as they read over and shared letters and epistles like the very ones Paul wrote. This is a beautiful and spiritually forming practice we get to take part in. This week as you begin this study, you are invited to learn more about Paul, Timothy, their ministry, their work and relationship, and most importantly, the book of 2 Timothy. Use this week as an opportunity for you to begin to establish a regular rhythm and practice for studying and reflecting on God’s Word, as you will be doing over the next five weeks of this series.

We are praying for you all and are excited to hear how God moves your heart through this study.

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