Welcome to Week 3 of our Grace in the Word reading. This week we read the Ten Commandments and as we’ve been learning in our series through these commands, we see that these are impossible for us to follow apart from the work of Jesus in our hearts. As you read this week, we encourage you to see God’s character and heart on display in each and every page of scripture… as he gives laws as a form of protection for His people and as he continues to pursue a covenant relationship to draw His people into a deeper walk with Him.

Here are some helpful resources for this week’s reading:

The BibleProject Exodus 19-40 Overview Video – this is a great overview to help us see where these scriptures fit into the overall narrative of the Bible.
Explanation of Covenants in Scripture, click HERE.

If you prefer listening to the scripture each day, download the YouVersion Bible App or the ESV Bible App

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