If you have made it this far and finished this reading plan, great work! Reading God’s Word is one of the most important rhythms we can bring into our lives, and it often does not come without great effort. Our lives are full of responsibilities and distractions which often make the simple act of reading — not just the Bible, but reading anything — a challenge. And then there is the spiritual aspect, as well. The Bible is full of light and life. It has the power to bring us into a closer relationship with God, ourselves, and others. It invites us into a vision of the reality as it really is — a reality created and sustained by the one, true, and living God. It is, in some sense, dangerous ground. When we risk the time and effort and faith to engage the Word of God, we are putting ourselves into a position to receive the truth about who we really are, who God really is, and how much this God loves us. We say this is “dangerous ground” because there are spiritual forces that work against us experiencing these things. Sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious, these forces want nothing more than to prevent us from growing towards God. And the fact that you finished this reading plan, and endured, is an important spiritual victory. Great work. Truly.

But, now what?

Perhaps you are ready for a break in reading the Bible. Perhaps you think that you have “done your duty” and now you are free to “get back to normal life.” Yes. This is exactly what you should do. But “normal life” might not mean what you think. The Bible shows us that normal life is precisely what God is about. He sustains everything that surrounds you and, whether good or bad, allows it all to exist so it can be used. For what? As opportunities to meet Him. To grow in obedience. To experience His love.

As you look ahead, we pray that you continue to find God throughout your normal life. And an important part of finding Him in your normal life is staying connected to His Word. Like an oasis in the desert, we can regularly return to God’s truth and find refreshment, joy, strength, comfort, hope, and love. These are the things we need most. May we keep pursuing them as we continue on, living our “normal lives,” with God in our hearts, our minds, and our souls.

Adam Dressler – Lead Pastor

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