Women in the Word

In 2020, we are going on a journey to read through the entire Bible together as a community of women. 

We are encouraging all the women of Grace to follow along with the reading using The Bible Recap plan in the YouVersion app and start listening to the daily Bible Recap podcast.


Here’s how you can connect to Women in the Word
and get started on the reading plan:

Choose how you want to read

Choose how you want to listen to the Daily Bible Recap podcast:

Join our online Women in the Word communities

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Sign up to receive our women in the word resources

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  • These will be great resources to gather a group of women and discuss your reading together

With the scripture reading and listening to the daily podcast, it should take no more than 20-30 minutes per day to complete this plan.

It’s not too late to join us, email ccrosby@graceclarksville.com for details on join in on this year’s Reading Plan and get a journal to follow along.

Click below if you want to receive our “Women in the Word” Resources by email including a Monthly Reflection Guide to deepen your study.


Let’s Get Started Bible Readers
Let’s Get Started Bible Readers

1.) Choose how you will READ  On your phone, go to the app store & DOWNLOAD The YouVersion APP, search THE BIBLE RECAP READING PLAN On your computer, go to THE BIBLE RECAP PLAN at Bible.com In...

read more


MARCH - Biblical Literacy & the Big Story of the Bible

March’s Topic: We discussed the Importance of Biblical Literacy and How to Read Scripture as one big beautiful story of Redemption


We hope that you will join us as we go on this journey to read through the entire Bible together in 2020. 

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